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Seeing Through the Eyes of Fear

Looking through the eyes of fear

How do you currently see your world, and in what way has your world altered your life and changed the views you now hold about yourself? Can you be happy and fulfilled living in a state of stress and uneasiness caused by fear of the unknown or the future?

What is it that you want to accomplish in your life, or lifetime, and in what ways has fear stopped you from doing these things still floating around in your mind? I ask these questions because they were the same questions, I asked myself not too long ago, and I still ask questions not from others because they’re irrelevant here, because it’s my life and my future we’re discussing now.

Which means if you’re dealing with some form of anxiety and uncertainty there lies the seeds of doubt and fear. It is this type of thinking which blocks your ability to see a real future for yourself and loved ones.

Sure, there are many books and topics discussing this culprit, but they all point to doing some action or how to overcome it. But how can you overcome something you don’t quite understand or even want to overcome at the moment?

Yes, you want to rid yourself of the way it makes you feel, and you want to move forward towards those things that are meaningful to you. But how? You ask to know if such a way exist. If you’ve asked this question you’re at the stopping point of continuing backward without knowing why!

The quest to live life on your terms should be your greatest desire now, and you can begin the about-face and begin heading towards the light, I mean towards your goals and dreams by asking and questioning every decision you are currently making and will make in the future.

What this does is it begins to unravel the actions behind the thoughts and beliefs and therefore it starts the process of breaking you free from your fearful and hindering beliefs which have held you as a prisoner.

This isn’t something you have to remember to do daily because right now your mind is filled with so many to-do things which are all crying out for your attention. What you will do is that when you start feeling a certain way mainly against something or someone, you will catch yourself remembering this message and the reasons behind your sudden and sometimes erratic thinking and behaviors.

This isn’t the end but the beginning and the more you begin asking yourself real genuine questions about you, your life and your choices be it past or present, the answers that will begin emerging will set you straight and help you see beyond the eyes of fear.

Once again there’s nothing physical you have to do here but to begin asking yourself some real questions, and no one else will ask serious and genuine questions about you, other than yourself. This does two things; first, it eliminates all outside opinions about you and your life, and secondly, since the answers are coming directly from within you will have the opportunity to test them by following where they lead you.

You will know if the answers are correct or right for you based on how they make you feel in the moment. If they make you feel good and happy inside, you have your answer; follow it. However, if the answers you receive make you feel sad, worried, stressful and even frightful once again you’ve found your answer not to move forward but to wait until your answers arrive.

This is slowly removing the eyes of fear and replacing it with understanding and clarity and it is these two things you need before planning anything. Because with these gifts you will begin seeing your way clear and looking through the eyes of peace, joy, love, and abundance.

This begins to unlock the door beyond your own madness, or the beliefs tainted with fear and along this journey, more and more right answers will begin leading you towards your greatest discoveries and bliss.

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Rodney Hill

Rodney Hill