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Searching for Answers

Searching For Answers

More and more people are feeling displaced and out of touch with what success and abundance really mean. They’re such a huge gap and growing between those with wealth and those without and this is because most are out of touch with themselves.

Most people are disconnected from knowing what is right and what isn’t as far as their personal preferences are concerned.

Often, most people are taught and slowly led away from things, which would offer them pleasures, freedom, happiness, and abundance.

Unknowingly, most don’t realize they have a guidance system or God within which would gladly show them the way to the desires or things they seek in record time without the struggle or strain.

All too often out of the fear of the unknown or their misguided beliefs about the world in which they live, the people around them or God most ignore the most obvious.

Many people are deciding to abandon the idea about one God or source because much of their questions go unanswered, so they instead, turn to others or the outside for answers which leads to more suffering because unknowingly many don’t realize their solutions can’t come from the outside.

Armed with the idea that you are alone and have no help is the veil most live under today, with so many things going wrong it makes one question their very existence and life.

Without any hard physical evidence to support the ideas that they were created for a purpose and designed to be abundant, it becomes hilarious and a joke to many people if asked about the source when they’re currently standing in the middle of poverty, broken relationships and ill health.

It would seem very daring for most people to read these words and come to the conclusion that everything outwardly points towards a life of struggle, hardship, and poverty, but there is another side, another story to tell about you, your existence and the life which awaits you.

The story that needs to be told is alive and well but it needs your help to make it become a reality and truth. This story entails you living in a place in time where money, relationships, and health is how you live every day; more importantly, it’s the only way you know to live because you designed it that way.

For most, this couldn’t possibly be true because they can’t see how this impossible pipe dream could become a reality. I mean with your education, salary, and responsibilities how can this be possible unless you win the lottery or someone dies and leave you a lot of money you think.

But that’s just it, and that’s why your new story requires you, it requires someone who’s willing to believe again, someone willing to take a chance and someone openminded enough to at least follow the trail of this new supposedly new story and life.

The only requirement for receiving and living the new story is you must begin to believe again not about others, nor your family or friends, what you must believe in is you. Sounds silly and absurd but if you really want to see and witness the other side of the story all bets must be on you.

Without this new starting point, there can be no new story to experience, there can be no other hopes now or in the future, the only source and power to creating the life I know you deserve are with and within you.

Your new story and life kick off right in the very place you give less focus to; your mind. Your mind flows with ideas and thoughts which shadows the story about you and your new life.

Yes, the very first part of your life may be started out very rocky and unpredictable, but the rest of your life has many secrets, surprises and plenty of the things you secretly hold in your heart.

The only problem now, is we need you to block off some time from your new life for the next ninety days or less. Time here is your friend because it’s with time and awareness where your mind illuminated the new path you spent much of your life searching.

If you can make a solemn oath to yourself that you will make you the priority for a few minutes every day, over the next couple of months I promise you, your life will begin to change and the life and abundance you so desperately want will begin revealing itself to you in many ways.

To make it all real and true for you, it requires your cooperation because without you there is no dreams, goals or desires and therefore no reason to live. What I’m asking you is to set aside your ideas, beliefs, and opinions while these words and message has a chance to tell you the other side of the story, I mean your story.

First of all, there’s nothing you can’t have, be or do but it requires one to take a new approach to receive it, it requires one to abandon the old way of thinking and doing things. Since we are creatures of habit, this can be both intimidating and frightening, to say the least, and I must agree it can be, but if we are to ever move forward with a plan and a purpose, we will need to look beyond our own reasoning and the misguided solutions it offers.

My approach to helping you is not of any traditional way of helping you obtain your goals and dreams or receive abundance, my style of training helps move beyond your own mental roadblocks towards a brighter future.

My technique opens up your mind which is always showing you where your real answers lie, beneath the rubbish of your constant thoughts of lack and fear which disconnects everyone from seeing and receiving the things they want. The ideas, inspiration, and signs which lead you towards the abundance you desire have always been there, the difference is you didn’t have any idea where to look.

The Abundance Code is much more than a course, it’s much more than an idea, it is the path to a new way of thinking. You see, you had everything except this most important and vital piece to unlocking the door to your new life.

Unlike most of your skills and the trade you’re using on your job or profession, you kept most of your hidden power, well hidden because it made you seek the answers to someone else’s life.

Your life is much more than fulfilling the needs and desires of others, although important, nothing is as important as you getting back in touch with you, and discovering who you really are and why you’re here.

This is where we begin to tell your new life, and where you decide to step forward and take your place among the living. Your story needs to be told, but first, we need you to remember, to remember what you said when you were a kid, you know the ones that made you laugh when you talked about them for hours without end, all of the promises you made to yourself and others who asked.

If you can recall, you made a promise to yourself that you would live life on your terms, you made a promise you wouldn’t accept anything but the best that life had to offer you. Not necessarily in those words but your smile, laugh and glow made it obvious to those watching you.

Do you remember now, is it starting to ring a bell, is it becoming a little clearer now the more you think about it, it should because it’s a promise that will never let you die until you fulfill these promises.

I asked you this because it’s the real you that’s speaking and now your ears are hearing the very words you spoke about as a child. You are searching for answers, and you need understanding, furthermore, you need clarity to fulfill those lifelong dreams and goals you first spoke about many years ago as a kid.

Well, to begin receiving these things requires learning, and not just any type of learning, it requires you to begin and discover that learning about you is the only answer and way to the city of abundance. This is the first step in explaining to you the other story, the one you thought was all but lost, but the story is still there and alive. Sure it’s been buried, ignored and forgotten but now it’s time you realize that your time is now and your new story begins now.

Everything about the abundance code is re-discovering the things you once knew, it’s about you finding your way back to an abundant life and you do this by getting back in alignment with your true self and nature.

What you will discover here as you read is that there is one common thread or theme which will flow throughout the abundance code, that thread or main ingredient to making it all work is you. Without you as the center force of creativity, there can be no abundance, no happiness, no joy and eagerness for life, the outer things will arrive the moment you lay aside the mask you’ve been wearing and decide you’re ready to receive the best that life has to offer.

Since the code is all about the creation of abundance, it requires a person and their mind to see it, feel it and dance in its presence mentally before it physically shows itself. The work here is to reveal to you through these words the map or guide to the new story about you. You can see your new life with old thoughts, beliefs or perceptions, it requires the power of awareness and understanding to crack the door to your new life.

Nothing else can fill the void within you or complete the journey of abundance you set out on as a young kid like new inspiration and wisdom calling you now. Yes, other things have come and gone, yet the hole within your heart still ached for newness, adventure, and abundance, and because you kept asking for answers within your answers are here.

This course will take you on a journey like never before because it’s going to unlock that part of you, you thought never existed, and with some clarity, you come to know your real power. Power is granted to those who know all throughout their being that they are created special, they know they’re created to be free mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

The Abundance Code does just that. It literally takes you to a place where you can see the things which have been standing in the way of your wealth and success and then it slowly guides you to a new place where all of your questions are answered, and your new path is laid before you.

It works because you begin to listen and follow the beat of your music and use your feelings as your guide and your eyes and ears as feedback letting you know which turn to make to reach your goals and dreams.

The missing piece almost everybody misses is that they equate success and wealth to hard work and struggle, or most believe in luck or born into it. What many fail to understand is that everything comes to you by the way that you think and the images you continuously hold in your mind.

Here is why hard work, struggle, and lack of consciousness will never give you your desires, it will always provide you what you believe now and are continuously thinking. I know this as an expert because I’ve experienced it personally for many years so I can confidently teach about this with authority and understanding that all good things come to those who believe.

Believe in what? First, a belief in you because you’re at the center of everything now. Everything surrounds you, it isn’t your friends or family or co-workers, it’s you as the only one where everything you desire has meaning.

This is why everyone has different desires because everyone wants to experience many things in many ways. Like others, you also want to experience many things, but you can’t experience them or receive them based on others ideas and opinions, it requires your personal experiences so you can view life from your perspective.

This understanding needs your full undivided attention for it to work, it requires you to take a step back for a moment and view things from your personal preferences and not of those views around you. You were born with these things within you; now it takes some discovery of the real you to bring them towards the forefront of your life so you can experience them.

Those who believe in the opposite of what they desire are often complaining about it, not realizing that a simple shift in their awareness will begin the process and change they needed to take them to the next level.

It isn’t possible for you to have what you want when you’re continually complaining about the lack of it, or your mental beliefs teach you just the opposite of what you hold near and dear in your heart.

This causes the conflict and inner struggle within you, and it confirms your beliefs in hard work, struggle, and lack, it furthermore seals in your current situation and locks out change, growth, and abundance.

The abundance code is all about preparing you for the arrival of your abundance; it’s not some get rich scheme or twelve-step program which may work now but will ultimately fail because there is no substantial foundation in which it can stand.

I teach from experience with a knowing that anyone who follows the clear message written within these pages will come to a place in their lives where everything begins to click, and life starts to bow at your feet by offering you whatever it is you desire.

But before you can receive the material it requires you to know all throughout your being, the first stage you begin to believe or have faith in you and then your abilities. The second stage you ask for things, and with the first steps these things, situations, and circumstances start to show up. Thirdly, you grow into your power with the first two steps as your necessary foundation for creating a new life. The third stage you hold within you a steadfast belief which grants you the ability to experience and have anything you desire.

My life has transformed and so will yours by the information and building blocks you will discover in the abundance code course. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to help your dreams become a reality.

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