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This book follows the story of a young man’s struggles in life and the challenges he faces in his life, little does he know the sudden challenges he’s about to face not only turns his world upside but transforms him into the person he always wanted and dreamt he become in his life. Peter is a small town auto repair owner who spent most of his life in a such a friendly and peaceful town, he keeps most of the locals and tourist people visiting vehicles running great, he’s good and proud to be an owner, but so long ago he had other aspiring dreams and goals which somehow faded away after a tragedy of a close relative death.

Although humble, Peter is still unfulfilled as a person, he lives alone, he drinks a lot and only have a couple of friends to call his own, but deep within Peter lies something else, and someone else that he had forgotten about over the years, however the change of events that are about to conspire in his life is like nothing he’s ever experienced before in his life.

Along with just past memories, many too painful to talk about Peter learns to live in his own created world and cave and then it happens, the bad dreams and nightmares, the deep feeling of despair and many unanswered questions leaves Peter gasping for air and solace in an attempt to understand why his life has suddenly taken a turn for the worst.

An old friend name George is in the right place and at the right time to help Peter in understanding some of the mysteries behind his darken world, it will indeed take many days and a cross-country trip to really begin seeing and understanding where all the madness was taking him. For anyone wanting to read a book that not only offers hope but solutions to their life, this book can answer many of those questions.

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The Messenger's Gift-eBook

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