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In this story we follow John, a newspaper editor whose world has just come to a stretching halt, he loses his job and his family no longer know who he is, and his wife Stacy is seeking a divorce. With almost no hope and answers to fix his situation love enters his world and transforms his and those around him in a totally different way.

John isn’t your typical editor, in fact, he leads one of the largest newspaper companies in North Carolina, The Charlotte Press, in Charlotte John’s ability to capture reader’s attention and draw them into a city everyone loves and are proud to be a part of but somehow over the past several months John has been distracted both at work and home with his family as he secretly tries to figure out where he’s going in his life.

With time, John’s attention begins to slip away from the things that were so important to him, his family is falling apart around him, and his work is also failing as the newspaper sales are falling and readers are no longer turning to john’s columns for insight, inspiration, pure facts and tips to help people in the city grow.

John’s loses his job, and his wife Stacy has filed for a divorce and wants john out of the house immediately until it’s final and stay plans to take the kids with her, after all, they no longer know who their father is and they wish not to be around him anymore, however, John search for solutions isn’t a place many would find answers, however, John begins to learn and gain his inner truths and power through a homeless man at the city park.

With so many things going wrong in John’s life, it is sometimes easier to give up and walk away but for John, this isn’t an option because walking away would not only cost him his own life but also the lives of millions of other people along the way. Love can show itself in many different forms, but it is quite often what we do when love knocks on the door of our hearts and demands a decision only, we can make.

Of course, as all the many twist life can sometimes take, help and wisdom is usually just a stone throw away right in the heart of the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina. This book has many lessons we all can learn from and become inspired to take the next step forward into the unknown or our destiny

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The Greatest Love Of All

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