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The Call of Faith


The Call of Faith

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This is a story about a commercial fisherman named Doug Freeman who lived in Georgetown, a small fishing town on the coast of South Carolina.
Doug has been struggling for years to become a successful fisherman even after all the many years fishing the open waters. He was doing rather well in the years that preceded his wife’s Barbara’s Death who went along with him on his weekly fishing journeys.

Barbara was indeed the wind beneath Doug’s wings until her sudden death, and suddenly the world became a cold place to live, and now he sees the ocean as just another place to escape his empty life, heart, and depression.

Doug, has grown kids, and grandkids who he barely sees, maybe the shame, and disconnection he now feels about his life plays a part in his bleak outlook on life, he feels abandoned and alone, Barbara was his rock and his faith in himself was all because of the woman he married who believed that faith is the foundation to everything.

With no hope, no belief in himself, what he used to call faith to him now is just wishful thinking, until he meets a student named Dennis who would be spending his summer with Doug to complete his marine biology class and graduate in the fall at one of the local colleges, but little does Doug know that Dennis is much more than a student, Dennis will be the fuel which ignites the heart and mind of Doug and through an unlikely friendship miracles transforms Doug’s heart and life.

If you’ve ever questioned your life or your reasons for existing this book will give you some understanding and clarity and maybe, just maybe you will walk away from a little bright-eyed and bushy-tailed because of a little powerful thing called faith.

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The Call of Faith-epub

The Call of Faith-epub, The Call of Faith-Kindle


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Rodney Hill

Rodney Hill