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This story is one of change and transformation as a young and budding son, Robert prepares himself to lead his father’s large construction company after his father Charles Johnson retires. Robert wants to run his father’s company, yet he still lacks the skills and know-how to lead such large responsibilities.

In this heartwarming story, Robert is eager, young and ready to make a name for himself, however, the way he plans to achieve the success is somewhat unthinkable in today’s business world, Robert is seeking expansion and growth, yet he leaves out one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle, the people behind it.

Robert pleads with his father, Charles to take the company in a new direction yet his father’s steadfastness and wisdom keep everything on course and steady for both success and growth for the company.

Robert denies his father’s wisdom and insight and pushes him more to do it the new way, a mistake Robert will soon regret because the stress and turmoil of such fighting causes Robert’s father to die suddenly of a heart attack and it brings shame to Robert’s Life as everyone begins to turn their back on him.

A chain of events leads him down a lonely and dark path which eventually becomes his greatest gift to himself and the company. Robert’s path leads him to the only place for answers, it leads him to god, through suffering, shame, and humility clarity Robert sees his life and purpose in a whole new way.

All this is brought forth as a close watcher and eagle eye of the family Mr. Stan Joy who begins revealing things to Robert that no one else knew concerning Robert’s thoughts, actions, behaviors, and inner feelings. Stan begins to teach Robert about things that his young mind doesn’t know yet more than profit, growth, expansion and big name, is something called character, very hesitant at the beginning of the meeting but with time Robert begins to listen to Stan and his life and his ability to learn and lead the company in a great way blossomed.

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