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My Zero-Sales Pressure Policy

DISCLAIMER: You will not find high-pressure, sales language or an obnoxious bombardment of promotions and emails aimed to force you to buy a product on this website. (yep!) And, here is one of the reasons why…

When you’re in the business of empowering people (like I am), it really sucks to have to be “ a sleazy salesman or trying to sell people something they either don’t want or need.”

Most people are on websites because their looking for something that will improve their lives including you, some people know what they’re looking for and need and other people have no clue, their just searching and hoping the answers or solution will reveal itself to them along the way. It’s awkward for me to pressure people and doesn’t match my vibe as a teacher and author. So, I’m not going to do it, period!

You’re probably thinking “thank god!” because you hate being sold to (yup, me too, which is why I’ve always abandoned anything I purchased this way from others, which is also why I’ve often requested a refund after having second thoughts or buyer’s remorse).

My belief is you’re a grown adult with a sound mind and you can choose to buy or not when your good and ready without fear, pressure or the constant bombardment of emails trying to convince you need this or that product.

Yes, you heard me right, you get to choose here on my site without anyone tracking your every move, and then bombard you with emails. I’m a business owner and I have products for sale on my site for people to purchase but only for those people who decide this or that product is right for them, this to me is the only way to due business and to have happy customers and clients.

I never want anyone who subscribes, becomes a customer or coaching client to feel pressured or a need to buy something or feel pressured to act in ways that goes against your personality, heart and you as a person.

I respect you first and foremost as a person, friend, regardless if you become a subscriber, customer or coaching client my feelings towards you will never change because I only want the best for you, even if the solutions you need lies somewhere else.

I want you to come to this site and look around and if something catches your eye or you feel compelled to act and want to know more please try out the free Abundance Code Course. My aim and intention are always geared to help you live the best life ever without hype or pressure.

So, let’s just agree to skip that whole marketing and sales crap and lay everything on the table so you can begin learning more about your uniqueness, your gifts, and passions for in them lies your peace, happiness and personal power.

You are a powerful creator and I’m here as a friend,  coach, mentor, and teacher to guide you to a place of knowing and certainty and then you get to decide in what way you choose to live your life to the fullest (or not, your choice).
I want more than ANYTHING for you to live life ON YOUR TERMS. Because, that’s how I choose to live and do business myself.

What that means is that I’m here to serve YOU by helping you find the answers or solutions that will reignite that joy in your heart and light up your eyes and smile. I’m here to help you become your very best in whatever you choose to do with your life.

I’ve created all The Abundance Code products and programs for people like ME, and YOU who are on a quest to learn from life lessons, evolve into their best selves, turn their pain into purpose, and live life with purpose and continue to live it this way for the rest of your life.

We have indeed crossed paths for a reason, and not just any reason but I came into your life to help speed up your learning process and help you enjoy the best things that life has to offer.

Either you’re going to learn about The Abundance Code and all the goodies and insights it offers and be like “I have finally found my tribe, people who think and see things the way I do! I finally found my home!” or you’re going to browse around, realize this stuff sounds weird and crazy, you don’t understand it, or it’s message and you think to yourself that this site and the owner are a nut case and a nauseatingly optimistic weirdos (it’s true) and bounce out of here with more clarity gained about what you are NOT looking for. Either way it’s a win!

P.S. Almost every email you receive from me, will strictly be educational material that I believe will help you gain new insight and understanding which helps you become the great person and creator that you are and always has been.

All the emails you receive from me will be to keep you updated on what’s happening with news, insights and product changes and updates. More importantly it is my every intent to serve you and your needs in a way that fosters change, a transformation and abundance along the way.

I want to build a friendship and trust with you first which is why I’m choosing a different path to serve you and your needs because I feel a solid long-term relationship is what enhances the other symbols of abundance.


My guarantee is simple… if you decide to purchase any one of my products and they don’t put a smile on your face, shift your thinking and perspective and move something within you, if any course doesn’t bring about new feelings or emotions and cause you to see a new world opening up around you. If you don’t begin to see a shift or change in your awareness and life, just let us know and we’ll refund you.

We have an unconditional, NO-questions-asked 14-day money back guarantee on every course and module. No explanation needed.
No monkey business.

Rodney Hill

Rodney Hill