Understanding-Stage 2

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Student Creator-Understanding

In the second stage of the abundance code, you go from awareness to understanding you and building a solid foundation with the principals given in the first part of the journey, the awareness stage. Here your gathering, applying and testing what you’ve discovered so far and in doing so things are beginning to line up for you.

The change is well on its way from an inner perspective and what used to be confusing and frustrating is now beginning to make sense to you now. The second stage is still about awareness, but now you have a solid foundation to build upon and that foundation is you, learning the truth about you, and beginning the process of allowing those truths to sink in so you believe them, then you starting trusting in these new beliefs and then you begin to live your life by them always.

You began laying the foundation for creating abundance in the first part now your building the walls or basically cementing in these new ideas by observation of what’s happening to you and around you. It’s the mental shift taking effect and with the awareness comes the ability to see and experience new things maybe for the first time in your life.
In the understanding stage your no longer against anything or anyone because most of your attention is held within as you navigate through your day and life much of what your doing is becoming a student and learner of self, this will be your only task from this point forward because it paves the way for you to see and recognize what’s been standing in your way, mostly faulty thinking and beliefs and the results you received from them.

What is so important in this stage is you go from forcing things to allowing things, your temperament and attitude begin to change, and your heart softens as your mind takes in and explores the information. The biggest change going from awareness to understanding is your mind becomes clearer as the old thinking garbage and beliefs exit your mind making way for the truth and clarity.

In the understanding stage your learning and growing begins to take off and information and ideas never thought about begins flowing your way, this is because your in a place of allowing and in the understanding stage there will be less and less resistance to anything or anybody, you learn to go with the flow and watch how things begin to flow into your life with little or no effort on your part.

The other thing that begins to happen in the understanding stage is that you go from a weak and helpless state of being who are lost and can’t find their way to a person who is growing and given strength from within. This is important because it signifies that you are no longer a mental or physical slave of another person or company, you’re becoming free and choose and live as you desire, the abundant way.

In the awareness stage you begin awakening from the sleep of blame, suffering, poverty, confusion, fear, and uncertainty but in the understanding stage the seeds of awareness are growing and your at the second stage of your journey and the wisdom and guidance which eluded you in the past is now making itself available to you to learn, grow and eventually become the creator that you were truly meant to become.

One thing you must understand in every stage, that there isn’t a timeline, a start or a finish because we’re all always growing and moving forward because one person might be in the awareness stage for five years while another person might be in this stage for 6 months to a year.

It is not a wise decision to judge you and your progress against another person because you don’t know where they’ve been and where they’re going on their journey and life. To begin comparing yourself against another person is what tears you, I and most people down because it undermines who you really are and your special creativity as a person.

Furthermore, when you compare, you judge one as better than you or vise verse, these ideas and beliefs strip you of your power which is your self-identity and a person without an identity is lost, dead and miserable because they have nothing to build upon that’s solid and meaningful.

Abundance is you, not what you own or don’t have, the moment you and your identity is built with the truth from the ground up from within you will have power, authority, freedom, and joy because your living your life with a purpose.

All creators have a belief in themselves, this is the foundation and starting point I’m trying to make here, secondly a creator knows where there going so any difficulty or setbacks won’t stop them not long term, and thirdly a creator makes decisions and take actions based on their own internal beliefs on what they enjoy the most and that’s where they spend their time and energy focusing on the things which makes them feel good.

The feeling good part reflects how they already feel from within, they need no praise of others, they don’t care what others think of them, and they don’t get involved in programs, or communities which contradict their internal healthy beliefs about themselves.

If you haven’t noticed in the first part, things for you will begin clearing away, I mean the mental blocks and worry, although it’s there it will happen less and less indicating life’s abundance is happening to you right now.

What happens in the understanding stage is you are rising above the things which are pettiness and meaningless, things which drew in your attention and things which always derailed your path to growth and abundance.

In this stage your learning to leave behind the many mindless things which really didn’t serve you or your vision, however, it did cause you to stay in the world of fear, doubt, worry, depression and poverty because you were still asleep living in the land of the dead, meaning those without knowledge or wisdom, those who haven’t had a date with awareness yet..

Maybe for the first time in your life your experiencing a sense of peace, and feeling that everything is going to be ok, and it will because of your surrendering to your ultimate power, you. your learning how to become a kid at heart again as you allow source or God to aid you in your quest for happiness and abundance.

The moment you allow in the new teachings the more you begin understanding how abundance works, then it starts to work faster as you begin realizing what has been in your way, and it pleases you with a knowing and with certainty that begins to fill the void worry, confusion, and chaos could never fill.

Understanding begins to close the gap between you and you, I mean it removes the veil or mask from the old you and the new and genuine you emerge, and when this happens you become a beacon of light and without saying anything people who are asleep, dead or living life without purpose and suddenly people begin to notice the spark in your eyes, the glow, the peace and the positive energy which flows outward from you in every direction.

The biggest and the most profound thing you will learn in this stage is with some inner learning you will learn to fall in love with you and when this happens yours now in a league of your own and your given power and authority by god. What this means is your thoughts about you and what God is teaching is a match, it means you agree with what God thinks and said about you because he created you.

This revelation will set you free from a condemning and judgmental world and it will draw unto you people and great things that will excite you and thrill you because people who love themselves love to have fun and they enjoy hanging around others who love themselves as well.

Now people from every walk of life want to know what and who you are, and they also want to know what they need to do to obtain the same things, don’t get to caught up with that though because some will ignore your ideas, and reject you once you tell them, others will shy away because they’re not yet ready to believe in themselves.

Some people around you especially close friends and relatives will speak harshly against you, they will judge you, maybe fight you or try to force you back into their world the old way of thinking and do things, don’t fall for these and more tactics.

Some who travel this past may end up losing a lover or their marriage might end all of a sudden, a job loss or anything just know that you are on a path that no turning back, what you give up now will be multiplied many times over and given to you along the way.

One disclaimer here, you could try and abandon this new way of thinking and living but in the end you would lose more than you would gain, you would lose yourself, and your self-worth and that’s your real and true power, lose it for anything outside you and the sorrows and self-pity will keep you depressed and in pain for the rest of your life, your choice, I’m just warning you now before you decide to take that road.

They’re still controlled and locked into the world’s system and way of thinking and they aren’t going to necessarily give up this type of thinking and action because it’s they’re only way of living, they feel safe and secure living this way and it’s a sense of normalcy, however they are all still lost and slaves to a system which will never serve them.

Moving right along now, in the understanding stage your well on your way to greatness, I won’t say your well on your way to abundance because the moment awareness entered your world you became abundant immediately, all we’re doing now is laying the inner foundation and building the solid structure from the within.

With a solid self-belief system and strong self-image and certainty, no good thing will be kept from you, you notice I haven’t said anything about hard work or material riches that’s because those things come fast and naturally after we’ve built up the real abundance which is you, you’re the vessel which will hold all the abundance and riches you seek.

The material wealth is only an expression and the manifestation of the inner wealth one feels about themselves.
You’re that inner abundance and kingdom that’s been so missed and overlooked for such a long time. I will leave you with a quote from the bible from what Jesus told the disciples, Pharisees Sadducees. Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” John 2:19

Jesus was talking about the human spirit, the soul, one’s beliefs and self-image about themselves because he knew this is where all the power of man and woman lies, within the body is energy, source or spirit, and power.


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