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The Abundance Code-Student Module 2

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The Abundance code-student
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This first course is the basics and the foundation for creating abundance, the abundance code is broken down into four stages, the first stage is the student, or awareness stage. The second stage is the student-creator or the understanding stage. The third stage is the creator or clarity/certainty stage. And the last stage is the master-creator or abundance stage.

These four stages make up the abundance code, however, keep in mind that you will be receiving many symbols of abundance all along the way letting you know you’re following the right path for you Now.

The lessons presented in this course and those that follow aren’t in any order, and they shouldn’t be because abundance inquires all things and every lesson is just as important than the previous one or the lesson following it.

You will discover along the way that some lessons will solidify your current thoughts and beliefs and other lessons will simply dislodge or shine a light on the missing piece you needed to connect the dots to move forward.

For almost everyone who embarks on this journey will begin to experience peace, and freedom from within for others it will be small or large signs like more money showing up from out of nowhere. For some people their health will begin to change for the better and others old and new relationships will begin to change and blossom for the better, and many, many, more miracles things as you travel the abundance road.

This course centers on the understanding and discovery of your true power, it’s the principals in this course, which has eluded so many. This without knowing has denied almost everyone the ability to live from the wellspring of goodness, happiness, and abundance.

The abundance code is about creating success and well-being in your life, its fundamental understandings go beyond the average understanding and comprehension of how ordinary abundance and success is created.

There has never been a course quite like this as it goes deep into the start and finish of how all creation starts, it isn’t built on actions and other techniques which only scratch the surface of your true power. The abundance is all about how to use the current powerful available to you and everyone because it is a universal law that if understood and followed much give you what you ask for regardless of how small or big the request.

This course is the doorway or the beginning of your now and future abundance whatever that may mean to you, it is the information in these upcoming lessons that will change your life if you allow it.

What it does leads you towards the source of where it’s created, how to tap into it and the necessary things you need to do to make it a reality in your life.

This course isn’t about using some actions to create your abundance, although important it needs power behind the action because action without force is useless and leads one to believe they are failures, which isn’t true.

True abundance has necessary steps before it begins to work, it’s all about getting you and your mind ready for the receiving of the abundance now and that which is waiting for you.

This course goes into much detail about life’s little secrets to success and abundance and at the very center of it all lies the crucial missing piece, you.

Nothing can be built or created until there is an intention or idea, and the idea must have a starting point where its first conceived, nurtured and then fed until its full potential and clarity is ready to be brought to life.

What you will read and discover all throughout this course and the ones that follow is one common theme and that is you. All roads to success or failure lead back to the creator or perceiver, meaning it is you at the forefront of everything which means the power and success is in your hands.

Over the next four weeks, over sixteen different lessons will be delivered to you in drip form, you will receive four lessons every week, giving you the maximum time to read and absorb the information. Information like this can’t be learned all at once because our minds need time to accept and receive the methods and ideas behind the new destination.

By delivering the information in drip form, it offers you the opportunity to read and reread to get a better understanding of the new path and life laying before you.

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We’re confident that you will love my course, and that it will help you understand and begin creating the joy, fun and the abundance you always dreamt about and deserve. That’s why we’re offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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  • Over 16 lessons and over 3 hours of content!
  • Learn the fundamental secrets of life’s abundance from your own desk.
  • Information-packed practical training starting from basics to advanced abundance building techniques.
  • Best suitable for beginners who learn in a self-paced environment when explained, and properly demonstrated produces amazing results.
  • Course content designed by an expert in his field of self-help and abundance.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every course.

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Rodney Hill Instructor
Rodney Hill is a well-known and very inspiring man of his time. From his humble beginnings growing up in the south Rodney learned and grew despite his many hardships and struggles. Forged in a strong commitment to become a master of himself, a true dedication to live life on his terms he rose against all odds to discovering and finally living his dreams. He loves people, laughing and playing around with others; most of all, he has a passion for helping other people live a happier and fulfilled life. His southern humor and quick wits make him very entertaining and inviting to everyone he meets. Most of all, he loves life itself and he wants to share some of the secrets and the many discoveries he learned along the way.

Rodney Hill

Rodney Hill