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The Abundance Code- Student Module 1

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Enrolled: 34 students
Duration: 5 hours
Lectures: 16
Level: Beginner


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The Abundance code-student

This course centers on the understanding and discovery of your true power, it’s the principals in this course, which has eluded so many. This without knowing has denied almost everyone the ability to live from the wellspring of goodness, happiness, and abundance. The abundance code is about creating success and well-being in your life, its fundamental understandings go beyond the average understanding and comprehension of how ordinary abundance and success is created.

There has never been a course quite like this as it goes deep into the start and finish of how all creation starts, it isn’t just built on actions and other techniques which only scratch the surface of your true power. The abundance is all about how to use the current powerful available to you and everyone because it is a universal law that if understood and followed will give you what you ask for regardless of how small or big the request.

This course is the doorway or the beginning of your now and future abundance whatever that may mean to you, it is the information in these upcoming lessons that will change your life if you allow it.

What it does leads you towards the source of where it’s created, how to tap into it and the necessary things you need to do to make it a reality in your life.
This course isn’t about using some actions to create your abundance, although important it needs power behind the action because action without force is useless and leads one to believe they are failures, which isn’t true.

True abundance has necessary steps before it begins to work, it’s all about getting you and your mind ready for the receiving of the abundance now and that which is waiting for you. This course goes into much detail about life’s little secrets to success and abundance and at the very center of it all lies the crucial missing piece, you.

Nothing can be built or created until there is an intention or idea, and the idea must have a starting point where it’s first conceived, nurtured and then fed until its full potential and clarity is ready to be brought to life.

What you will read and discover all throughout this course and the ones that follow is one common theme and that is you. All roads to success or failure lead back to the creator or perceiver, meaning it is you at the forefront of everything which means the power and success is in your hands.

Over the next few weeks, over sixteen different lessons will be delivered to you in drip form, you will receive four lessons every week, giving you the maximum time to read and absorb the information. Information like this can’t be learned all at once because our minds need time to accept and receive the methods and ideas behind the new destination. By delivering the information in drip form, it offers you the opportunity to read and reread to get a better understanding of the new path and life laying before you.

Backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked.
We’re confident that you will love my course, and that it will help you understand and begin creating the joy, fun and the abundance you always dreamt about and deserve. That’s why we’re offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don’t like our course or any other products for ANY reason, just send us an email within 14 days of your purchase, and you’ll get 100% of your money back. Completely unconditional!

What you’ll learn

• You will begin to gain peace.
• You will begin to experience some clarity.
• You will begin to experience a sense of freedom
• You will begin to move away from bad habits and self-sabotage.
• You will begin to understand the initial steps towards your greatest fulfillment & happiness in life.

• You will begin to develop a clear sense of your life purpose and define your core value…
• You will begin to build a stronger relationship with you, from an inner perspective and then it will flow outward towards family, friends, & Colleagues.
• And so much more, and this is just the very beginning of your life’s journey towards complete abundance.

What to expect in this course?

• You will receive four new lessons every week which will begin to transform you from the inside out.
• You will receive a total of 16 lessons in this course all designed to slowly remove the negative and fearful thinking and replace it with awareness, understanding, clarity, wisdom and of course abundance.
• A free private online community where likeminded people share ideas and build long-lasting relationships.
• A one-hour group coaching
• A monthly live call for all students with Q & A session
• 1-1 on 1 coaching call for the reduced price of $99.00 normally $299.00
• As always email access to the teacher and instructor.

Starting Course

Understanding The Mind.
10 Mins
Understanding The Problem
5 Mins
The Clues to Escaping the Darkness
10 Mins
Fear and Conflict
10 Mins

Week 2

Beliefs and Habits
10 Mins
10 Mins
Trying to Figure It Out Alone
10 Mins
The Need to Control
10 Mins

Week 3

Searching For Answers
10 Mins
The Wake-Up Call
10 Mins
Looking At Your Life
10 Mins
Questioning Your Belief System
10 Mins

Week 4

The Thinker and The Watcher
10 Mins
Silence, The True Teacher of Abundance
10 Mins
The Inner Foundation to Change
10 Mins
Perception vs Knowledge
10 Mins
Each week you will receive four-lesson to read and study, during your study it's good to take notes concerning the things which trigger something within you, those questions and triggers may be something that you might have to deal with later along the journey, they are important to you, the notes serve as resources that will take you to the next level of your journey. As you read, think, observe, and review the notes you will begin to notice certain patterns, thinking patterns that have always led you to take certain actions which led to more failure or shame. The abundance code, system works because it removes you away from the nagging thoughts, negative past and along the way it turns those sorrows into tools that you will begin to use for your benefit, however along this journey there will be potholes, unforeseen issues that you might not want to face, these issues must be faced so they can be removed from your life. The abundance code courses, and the teacher hold your hands every step of the way thus allowing you to move past those things which have held you back and blocked your path to true happiness and abundance.
You will know it based on how you feel, one of the first things that usually happens to people who study the course is a new feeling of peace that rushes over them, some say they get a feeling of sadness because the information takes them to a place only they knew were the issue or roadblock to their happiness and abundance. Some clients said that they were filled with such feelings of joy and gratitude because the information contained in the course resonated with them deeply and it helped them move past a lingering situation and become a better person. You don't have to take my word for it, give it a try and if you don't begin to feel or sense something new rising up from the within, cancel the course within 14 days and get a 100 % refund, no questions asked.
The abundance code is a training system which helps you learn and grow by first rebuilding you from the inside, it's core teaching helps you to break free from limiting thinking and those bad habits which always follow. By definition it’s a course designed to help you transform your life but from a different angle or perspective.

How to get the most from the abundance code course!

— 28 February 2017

1.   Remember this course is all for you, and about you so take your time and read the information, several times if you like because the more you read it the quicker you can begin the transformation process however there's no need to rush. You have time to become abundant.

2.   Study this course in privacy) This will give you and your mind time to absorb, think, reflect and this is when your sense of peace and change will begin to take effect.

3.   This course and those that follow) are a part of your journey, each lesson and course will only free you from the prison that you have slowly learned and trained yourself into from others!

4.   Remember that the teacher will be by your side every step of the way with email correspondence and webinars coming soon!

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