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Clarity-Stage 3

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In the third stage, you obtain clarity of mind, body, and spirit, you become a creator, but unlike the student creator where your hands are being held for balance and stability meaning your every step was guided by an instructor most of the time in thinking which guided your manifestations.

As a new and budding creator your learning to stand, walk and even fly alone, and what this means is your beginning to follow some of your mind’s new imaginations without haste or second-guessing and in doing so your maybe for the first time now understand and realize that you are indeed a true creator.

It’s here that your mind expands even more, and you imagine, envision and map out your desires to seemingly watch them manifest before your very eyes. At the creator stage, you’re still learning and growing but now understanding, knowledge, and wisdom take on a brand-new meaning because it is here that life’s lessons both past and present give you the wings to soar even higher in your now creative power.

In the creative mode or a new creator, you are no longer bound by the decisions and actions of others. This is an import step in the creator’s life because without the need to care about what others think or base your future goals, dreams and aspirations on the opinions of others lets you be free, and you also get to hone in for more details about the way you would like your future to be played out. In this stage, your heart has grown along with your mind and a newfound duty arises within you to do more than create on a personal level.

In the creator stage, nothing is seen as wrong or bad through your eyes regardless of how others view it because when you’re a real creator your heart is open and your mind is clear and this allows you to see, hear, feel, and taste things through the eyes of source or god.

What this means is through understanding and more knowledge and wisdom being added to your mind each day, it’s if god allows you to look behind the curtain of everything including people lives, situations, circumstances and even bigger worldly things to reveal to you what the situation, circumstance or tragedy will bring out of the person or a nation as a whole.

What it usually does is bring the person, people or nation closer to the first stage, to the door of awareness, however in the creator stage your wise enough not to get involve in people’s affairs or any other things which drags you away from that inner peace and knowing because this is part of the journey, one of the rewards for following your own path within.

So you ask what is the biggest reward you receive and gain in the clarity/certainty stage, and that would be your no longer afraid anymore because you know deep within you have access to your guidance system which will teach you and show you every step of the way. You no longer have to figure things out because the answer, person or thing you need will reveal itself to you in time.

In the awareness stage you begin to awaken from the sleep of ignorance and you begin to experience some knowledge and some peace, in the understanding stage you gain some knowledge and the truth about who you really are and it begins you towards the path of change. The awareness turns on the light in the room everyone thought was spooky and ghost live there, understanding clears the room of such thinking and ignorance, clarity begins the decorating of the room with new hangings and abundance fills the rooms with your presence love and creativity.

Back to the not being afraid anymore, when your trying to do it alone on your own backward thinking fear and depression always wins because you have no guidance or clarity to walk you through the darkness which could be a decision to move, buy a car, have children and so on.

It’s difficult to walk through life with a roadmap or some sense of direction, without any guidance we often search for through others, we follow the herd, we act the way they act, which explains why so many are sick, broke and afraid, no guidance system to help them and they’re relying on guidance from the news, schools, banks and anyone who will show them.

Your no longer afraid to step away from the herd or the masses because you have peace which is the first sign that your not alone, and that your mind and heart is clear, that peace is the god force or create awake within you ready and willing to do your will when asked, and you ask by your intentions and beliefs.

Getting back to the no longer being afraid, why would you be afraid anyway if the thoughts are no longer in your hear, why would you be afraid if you have guidance and trust in this internal guidance for your every move or decision, why would you be afraid to act on that new idea for your business when every time you think about it give you peace and assurance to step towards it, and go when the feeling to go nudges you..

This is your American express card the power and force within you which will lead you to all things, with clarity which means I now know who I am because I now have the truth of this from source or god, I now have certainty that anything I choose to do which will bring me joy and serve others in a great way will succeed, it must because it comes from the only thing that is real and true you and god and together as a team your unstoppable.

That is why this course was created because nothing or anything is going to move you or sway your mind or actions until your freed from yourself, meaning those negative thoughts swirling around in your head. Once you take the inner journey within and learn who you are everything you will change and you will grow, be happy, joyful free, love yourself and become abundant, on the other hand if you don’t take the road less traveled by most people anything you try or attempt to try for success or change will be short-lived and domed because your not running the show in your life, fear is your boss.

In the creator stage, you live in a constant state of peace and awareness, you’re no longer hounded and driven by fear like the masses who are trying to escape their own mental creations pain and death.

In the understanding stage and beyond your not afraid nor are you swayed and pushed by the competition or not enough button that so many people live by because the world teaches about lack and scarcity and then it bills you and I for the perceived shortage at higher prices.

Whereas when your living from the inside out and your following your truth, your bliss, your purpose and your only listening to the inner voice inside you get to live anyway you want and have as much as you want because the source inside or the god force created this planet and you and I and until I get an internal memo from god telling me we’re running out of food, water, etc. I don’t know about you, but I’m not listening to the news.

Back to the lesson at hand.

Here your only guided by your inner intuition and the force behind it recognizing now that everything you think, do or say has meaning in the grand scheme of life. This power and knowing are now always felt deep within you and with it comes a peace that surpasses all understandings.

Your journey thus far is one of expansion, inspiration and knowing as each thought and intention reveals itself to you, and life unfolds to you everywhere you go.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges or setbacks, far from it, what you discover is that each of these incidents or challenges provide you with more understanding and creativity to hone your skills and teach more through the clarity of your understanding. Furthermore, your senses are heightened with the knowing and well-being that comes with each challenge now considered to be another blessing or gift.

You now understand that all things are here to teach you more and more about your purpose and divinity as it involves many things and circumstances along the way which so lovingly pointed you towards your new life and the abundance it brings.

Something else happens either in the awareness or understanding stage, it can even happen in the clarity/certainty stage, and that is forgiveness, which is one if not the biggest hidden secret block to one’s abundance.

Seeing much clearer through the inner silence and through a changing heart and mind you now hold, you realize the thoughts of anger, bitterness, hatred, and un-forgiveness no longer serves you, and the newfound insight intrigues you, and you work diligently within to understand why you felt the way you had in some time past, now you are slowly shown the reasons, and the why’s of all things, so you can forgive them, and be forgiven, whether it be a person or situation which has happened.

You can now see clearly, and all the hindering mental baggage is slowly being let go of, as you realize it has been your stumbling block to the things that have meant so much to you, you also find out through the gentle peace, and forgiveness now living in your heart, that what you thought you knew, and stood by as the truth has all been an illusion just wasting away your mental, physical and inner energy in something that’s really fruitless in the grand schemes of what’s really important in your life now, your mind has shifted now, and so has everything else around you.

Everything and everyone is beginning to look brand new, through the fresh eyes of acceptance and serenity.
In this stage, you’re no longer pursuing drama, conflict, and pain as the unknowing sleeping herd, we call a nation of people, instead, your energy is now focused on healing from within, and gaining real clarity in the direction you shall take for the rest of your life.

You find yourself many times wanting to be alone in quiet to read a good book or meditate in your search for a deeper meaning and clarity on your path.

In clarity stage just like in the understanding stage family and friends find your new behavior strange and unwanted, so they plead to you to come back and join them in the way it used to be, you stand fast and say no, they all lash out at you in their last-ditch effort to win you over, but it fails. This is a frightening time for them, as you move closer and closer towards the missing part of you.

Here, at this moment, you’ve shown others, and yourself that you will no longer settle for the crumbs and straps of abundance, you’ve shunned the fear of lack, and abandoned excuses, instead, you seek the higher ground and demand that abundance and happiness is your, and your birthright you need to claim. You’ve found an inner guide, that guides you on in an ever so clearly marked path, and your alone and very happy being this way for now.

Alone is the only way and world you wish to live in now, its silence, and beauty draws you closer and closer within, as it begins to teach you the way of our ancient ancestors who also learned this secret, and met with a feeling of peace and joy which surpassed all earthly understanding. Something that didn’t make sense to your young and restless mindset at the time, for the world seemed a place where there were no rules and no boundaries, yet you found as you got older that at every turned you met resistance, negativity, heartbreak, and setbacks.

Now that you’ve found peace, you can look back and see it all worked out for your own good, all the anger, setbacks, frustration and confusion drove you back into the arms of your true self.

It drove you to find your power, power that you needed to make the rest of your journey in life, one of peace, serenity, clarity, and abundance, this power is your light and secret weapon for it has made you a new person within who sees only love in everything and everyone.

In this new world, among friends, family, even strangers, you find that listening is much more fun and exciting than constantly talking which is oftentimes, a hindrance to growth and opportunities. You will find that for the first time in your life, you are really listening, and understanding another’s point of view, and realize we all have so much in common when we listen to one another.

You learn that silence in the mind, away from the constant chatter of the ego, is, and will be your constant place to hang out and listen to the inner voice whom will teach and guide you through all things good and pleasing to you. It is a road, you’ve tried for so long to travel, yet so much information, change, and fear had many times derailed you from entering the road less traveled. But now you are here, and the journey ahead awaits you with wonder and awe, as you begin to discover the person you never knew living within you.

I might add, on this path there will still be challenges, setbacks, and even a little pain, the difference will be, is how you react to these new events, and why their importance and meaning gives you so much more opportunity to see the truth and learn from them now, before you couldn’t see their meaning, now you understand these incidents, or accidents paved the way for your best life yet, rather than to yell, scream, and shout blaming others and even yourself for a terrible life.

Now every move you make, and every word you speak is now driven by meaning and purpose for you. what you use to blow off in times past as lucky, or being in the right place at the right time, will now be your understanding that we’re all guided by our inner purpose, and luck is what you will always receive when you follow the guidance within you.

From here, your no longer living between what you want, and wish for without, instead you are mainly operating from the world within, as you quietly sit and wait, your opportunities, coincidences, luck or fate all begins to step towards you one by one and bow before your feet with the treasures you so dearly desired from within, might it be money, friendship, love, serenity, happiness, these things and more will follow you and walk with you wherever you go in life.

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