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Certainty/Power-Stage 4

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Certainty/Power Stage 4

In this last stage, you become a master of your own life and the creation of abundance becomes second nature to you. In this stage, your heart has grown along with your mind and a newfound duty arises within you to do more than create on a personal level.

Here your only guided by your inner intuition and the force behind it recognizing now that everything you think, do or say has meaning in the grand scheme of life. This power and knowing are now always felt deep within you and with it comes a peace that surpasses all understandings.

Your journey thus far is one of expansion, inspiration and knowing as each thought and intention reveals itself to you, and life unfolds to you everywhere you go. By this stage or even at the very beginning of your journey success and abundance have been revealing itself to you and through you so let’s head back to recap a little about the stages of abundance so you get a clear idea about what and how abundance is created.

In the first stage, you received the gift of awareness, first your eyes and mind was opened and you begin to feel and experience something mainly your thinking system was being switched and old beliefs and habits were being removed and replaced with new ideas and thoughts concerning you.

In the second stage, you moved into the understanding stage, here now building on top of awareness your inner transformation is well on its way, but here you’re receiving more and more answers about you and your life, it’s a time where you become a student of yourself. Your learning who the real you are and thus the foundation for long term abundance is laid and with it came knowledge about what’s been getting in your way and keeping you from your greatest power tool, your mind.

The answers and knowledge in the understanding stage begin to unlock the door to many unanswered questions and you’re becoming much more of an observer of life as you watch the truth growing within you match the evidence manifesting in front of you in the outside world, there aren’t any accident.

In the third stage you reached clarity/certainty stage and it here you really begin to spread your wings and begin demonstrating what you’ve learned about you and your power, you learned that your self-beliefs and ideas are only the fruit of your self-image, thus making a poor self-image a result of poor beliefs and habits.

More than anything you discovered that your true power lies in your positive beliefs about you and your creative power demonstrates this as well. With this newfound knowledge you found peace, love for yourself, which is crucial for creating abundance, you found clarity which gave you the tools to choose your course.

You gained certainty which gave you strong confidence about you and your future and the authority to create whatever you wanted from your life’s experiences. So far, you’ve been endowed with abundance all along with the way because of your growth from the within and you’re continuing on the path you choose and not the other way around.

And finally, with clarity and certainty, you became a person of vision and power, the light within you has grown, our inner spirit is alive and well and people can see it and feel it when you’re around.

In this stage your all-knowing and powerful not because your better than anyone else, not true your equal to everyone and lower than no one, what you now know that gives you favor, power and authority are that your thoughts match the thoughts of God which is king.

Your thoughts are a true match with god because now your no longer afraid of what you thought or believed was taught to you by those without knowledge, you now understand now that God is all-knowing, all-loving and all-merciful and the biggest thing you know and that has been revealed to you is that God is love which makes you a product of his love.

Knowing that your loved, cherished and cared for removes anything that fear or anything else that would deny us our freedom ,purpose and dreams and goals, this revelation is what every man and woman who is adult must relearn because in doing so it frees them and set them on a new course to live and experience life from a place of worthiness and love.

Children don’t need to learn this they already are born with it and live by it daily, however, it’s the young adults and adults who have lost their way and are searching for direction and change.

When someone feels loved and adored it brings out the best in them and they flourish and become creative super starts the way they were created to be, on the other hand, if someone feels not loved, put down, neglected judged and ridiculed that spark, fire, flame, and creativity doesn’t die but it hibernates until the right person comes along and recognizes the person for what and who they really are as a person.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges or setbacks, far from it, what you discover is that each of these incidents or challenges provide you with more understanding and creativity to hone your skills and teach more through the clarity of your understanding. Furthermore, your senses are heightened with the knowing and well-being that comes with each challenge now considered to be another blessing or gift.

You now understand that all things are here to teach you more and more about your purpose and divinity as it involves many things and circumstances along the way which so lovingly pointed you towards your new life and the abundance it brings.

Not only does your life change but the world as a whole change because you are now seeing everyone and everything through the eyes of the source and your love grows more and more for everything you see around you.

You come into a place where you want to share this knowledge and knowing with others to teach them the proper way of creating abundance, more importantly, you feel the need to become more involved with your family, community, and country to help spread the good news.

You become a leader and guide in your own right as your awareness, certainty expands even more than ever before, and you feel the urge and need to pass on these key principals of abundant living to everyone that listens.

You do this because you know that in sharing and giving you receive more of life’s many wonderful mysteries and blessings which allows you to learn, grow and understand more about you and your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet.

You’re in a state of being, where you’ve left behind much of the human part of nature and your living a life in the direction and guided with the feelings of source’s energy. You recognize that everything and everyone is an energy force or light here to experience what it’s like to live in human form, flesh, and bone.

You are indeed a master of your own life, but you become a wise sage in your own right helping, teaching, guiding and loving everyone every step of the way because peace, love, and abundance is your only way of living.

By the time you’ve reached the abundance stage not only will you have mastered your life but along the way, you will have plenty of outer abundance and material things to reveal that such truth. These material things will be wonderful in your presence but they won’t be your main driving point or attachment which often destroys those without such knowledge.

What you will have gained through this year-long course that abundance is really self-mastery and in improving oneself through the four stages I just mentioned you discover that nothing is impossible for you.

One of the biggest rewards and life lasting is the love and self-respect you gain for yourself and for others, this is important because through self-mastery you become a light a beacon of hope, change, and freedom from a world which easily confines and cages its inhabitants.

Your life and light will be one where people will want to follow you and do what you tell them because by this stage your pretty much unshakable and powerful as long as you stay connected to the within, the moment you quit listening to that inner voice and begin doing it your way trouble and failure is right around the corner.

However, for those who choose to follow you your job will be to teach, love and live that example daily not for the people’s sake but because you love yourself and you respect yourself to want that ritual with you always.

By following your joy, bliss and passion you will automatically gain the material things and many more bonuses along the way, the key here is to stay humbled and love and respect yourself and as you treat yourself you will also do the same for those around you. What you do for others you also do for yourself this is law.

In the abundance stage your already clear about what abundance is as it has shown in your life both the inner and other manifestation teach these truths first to those who will follow you, teach them where all true abundance lies first and then those who practice these teachings will experience first hand what your saying is true and they will admire you, trust you and follow you for life.

If you teach them to go after outer abundance first, they might get some of it and many people will gain a lot of material wealth but without a proper foundation of who they are or how they got it, ignorance and fear will soon come and strip it out of their hands and you will be the culprit and the bad person for leading them astray.

Because your no longer afraid you can now teach people the truth and from your heart and not hold anything back, teach them about god and tell them where they must go to find the much-needed understanding and clarity for their own lives.

Teach them to be honest and trustworthy and make themselves the priority, and not their lovers, spouses or anything else although children and loved ones are important you can’t help them or give them anything of value long term that will serve them if your not whole and free yourself so the number one job should be to work on yourself and then you can help others.

In closing I must say that wring this course has and is giving me so much joy, more than what I can really convey here, it’s been my life long vision and dream to be a teacher and coach, I never thought I would be writing but that’s the hidden gem or perks along the way when you follow your hearts desires. I hope you enjoyed this information, Click Here to start your journey now!

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