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Awareness-Stage 1

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Duration: 5 Mins
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Level: Beginner


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The awareness stage is the first step on your journey toward abundance because here we’ve come full circle in our life ad realize although we’ve done a lot in reality in our heart of hearts, we’ve accomplished nothing.

We may have gotten degrees in college, we may be at the top of the company or on our way there, we may already be successful in many parts of our lives however there’s still that empty feeling or a feeling that leaves you restless and turning in your bed at night.

This is the call of awareness, it is stirring within you to let you know it’s time for change, however it may seem these words or thoughts may sound absurd or ridicules from your thinking perspective but you may run but you can not hide, nor can you continue to lie to yourself, that game is over.

We’ve been living a lie, caught in the excitement of something outside ourselves. It’s often something many of us learn later in life after we’ve made too many mistakes, enemies, bad relationship choices and a lifestyle lived in inner anger and loneliness.

This first stage is often the hardest to hear, it’s the hardest to agree with because based on outside comparison and other people we’re doing just fine so we think, however, why are we so tired, restless, unhappy although it seems we’ve got it all, with time we realize we have nothing but the rewards and achievements of someone’s else wishes and goals.

We begin to realize that we’ve achieved making the goals and dreams of another person a reality, maybe it’s our parent’s wishes, our sibling or grandparents, whatever it might be, they succeeded in achieving their desires through us and at our expense.

Once reality gets our attention and blocks all the many exits we once used in the past to escape, and silence’s the inner chatter of our ego, we finally begin to surrender to what we once thought was wrong, or irrelevant to our lives, the inner change begins, and the truth begins to take root in our thinking, our behavior and actions begin to change slowly because our awareness has begun its work within us.

In the awareness stage, we’re doing more sitting still and observing and watching everything around us, which allows the truth to enter our hearts, it allows us to finally hear our call, the one thing we had searched for our entire lives, but didn’t know it. With gaining awareness, it doesn’t mean you quit living, instead, it means we begin to look for the clues and answers life has been leaving for us from the very beginning. In this step, we’re learning to work not with our muscles, fighting hard to stay alive, and regretting what we’ve become in the process, instead we think more, and then a few answers arrive, we begin sitting still and more answers arrive, soon we realize the secret to your life, and success doesn’t depend on no one but me.

It is these small seeds of new thoughts and information fed to us mentally which begin to transform our lives because in listening and then obeying the new thought that arrives, those ideas which have been with us all along which we just ignored are finally beginning to make sense.

Each time we follow such a new idea and follow it we gain a small victory from within and we gain a sense of pride and peace follows it. As you begin to listen and follow, listen to some for and follow you begin to learn more about yourself and also learn more about your creative power and your part in it.

You begin to discover that the very advice, insight, help, and guidance is slowly shown to you from within, and as you grow and learn, meaning as your confidence grows by looking within you realize you no longer continue looking to others for direction, for your place in the world, nor will you believe or continue to listen to the clutter and useless information as you once did in the past, instead your ears and mind are in tune with the creator although you might not be sure if indeed this new information is coming from such source or god force.

Whatever you might be thinking or feeling right now, is making you feel good and you continue to follow the thoughts and head the call once ignored. Awareness is indeed doing its work within you and with some time and practice, you will begin to understand much of why it had to be this way This is the great turning point and the release from the self-inflicted thoughts that have driven us most of our lives.

Being in the awareness stage means, we are no longer abiding by the outside world’s schedule or actions but we’ve come full circle in our understanding of the meaning of life, and the part, we are to play in it, we are here to add beauty, love, and abundance to it, and receive it back unto ourselves. In observing we allow awareness to teach us what the outside world couldn’t and with it comes peace to reign again in our lives, we can lay down all the many masks we wear to fit in a world filled with illusions, now that the mask is abandoned, we can reject and remove all the many tasks thrown at us and turn within where our true meaning and actions claim our attention.

Long gone will be the days when we felt we must complete so many meaningless tasks to change our world, more importantly, we realize through self-observation, that the scary voices, fear, doubts, and frustration were mainly there because we allowed outside forces to delegate our path and decision in life. We are learning that we are loved, and we do this by laying down our part in the blame game for our failures and shortcomings, and we finally listen, I mean really listen and trust in the messages and the truths that the newfound awareness and the creator is sharing with us as we begin our inner walk to freedom, onward to a creator of love and abundance ourselves.

We’re learning the first and necessary step awareness must bring in everyone’s life, the truth about them, their ability to create their own abundance, and that they are unconditionally loved by God.

The awareness stage takes the longest out of all four stages because first of all we’re programmed to see and do things a certain way, next as humans we often fight and try forcing things to make them happen with strength and muscle, third with time we begin to surrender after nothing that did work no longer works anymore, and fourth it requires time for people to accept the new way of thinking because most people tend to hold on to the past and past beliefs.

Once we begin to let go of the past mental and physical conditioning, awareness and the new information that arrives in our minds, the seeds of abundance begin to grow, and the next stage of abundance is understanding. You who are reading this now, know that this course starts the very beginning of your life and journey, however it will not be the end even when you’ve completed all the courses you will still be on the journey however you will no longer need this course because you will have gained something more, understanding, clarity, certainty and your power to create abundance.

Even greater than all these things combined will discover so preciouses and meaningful, you which is the true power behind all great things believed and achieved. May this course ad those that follow inspire and light a new path for you along this amazing journey and life.

I’m with you every step of the way through these messages, emails, and even future webinars. May the force of transformation and abundance be with you.


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Awareness Pt 2
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