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Abundance Stage 5

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Abundance/ Stage 5

I said in everything that I’ve written so far that there are four stages to receiving abundance, and it’s true four stages of learning, growing and receiving your abundance. So why are there 5 stages written here your wondering, well for one I started to leave it at four but with the design of my site it shows five blocks and I tried removing one but the appearance didn’t look right so I decided to make it into a fifth stage.

The four stages listed above is what makes all abundance possible therefore I don’t consider abundance a stage, instead I just see it as a place where you now recognize your own inner goodness, worthiness, knowing you are always loved and cherished and nothing you can or will do will ever undermine or take these things away from you.

You are already abundant the moment you begin the studying of these lessons and courses, however it takes repetition and time for you, your heart, mind and body to accept these never-ending truths.

There are indeed only four stages to the abundance you seek, the student or awareness stage, understanding or student-creator stage, clarity or the clarity stage and master -creator which is the certainty/power stage and all are indeed the necessary stages to creating more abundance in your life.

As a warning, I want to let you know that you don’t have to reach the very top before you begin receiving the many forms of abundance, quite often you will find yourself meeting with money, good health, great relationships, and happiness all along the way throughout each stage.

The next thing I would like to discuss here is that there isn’t any timeline for a stage to begin or end because every person is on a different level therefore on some levels you will move quickly along while in other stages it feels painful, and you think your stuck and not moving forward.

The truth is during those slow times and dark times is when you will be growing and moving the fastest because in the darkness the new transformation of your life is taking place.

Your changing like a caterpillar into a butterfly but from an outside perspective it seems your standing still but one thing to know here is in the darkness or uncertain times you are learning who you are, your weaknesses are being transformed into your greatest strengths.

Furthermore, during the darkness you will meet with many things, mostly hidden or buried which will reveal itself to you, this is because it must be understood and you must learn that it is these things which have held you back from happiness, joy, and abundance all along.

I will not lie here this course is designed for you only, it’s actually a year-long course and the reason for this is because it will take you and I some time to grow and change from an inner perspective.

It will take time to learn about you, your identity and who you really are which is the golden key to your life filled with abundance. As a disclaimer here you aren’t forced to take the year-long course but if you want to benefit and receive the full effect of a new you and a new life without ever wondering or running from the past it would be very helpful to you, your wellbeing and future to take the long road to true abundance.

I clearly understand from a learning or even financial standpoint that a year from now seems so far away and with so many things pulling at you for more time how on earth will you be available to learn, and take care of your personal responsibilities at hand.

The answer to this question is very simple, in your spare time, a few minutes here or there works wonders for those on the go, after all, it isn’t a rush course, it’s a slow and easy abundant life for you course.

As you will discover all the things you need to do or think must be down will either be put off, rearrange, someone else will do them or it will be removed from your plate or to-do list, this is your first sign that this course is right for you and that you deserve more of everything you want.

These things and many more will remove themselves away from you as you take the inner journey towards wholeness which is abundance in all it’s form and then the peace, joy, happiness, and abundance follows.

Know that I will be with you every step of the way in helping to answer some of your questions, and also helping you discover what’s most important to you along your journey.

I’m not a doctor, or specialist nor do I claim to have all the answers because I don’t, however, I do believe my life and personal experiences along my journey have enlightened me and given me both tools, knowledge, and inspiration to help others along the way.

After all, it isn’t an accident that we’ve met, there aren’t any accidents in life, there are only miracles and blessings given to us in many forms, shapes, and ways. You are just one of the many blessings coming into my life and it’s my highest hope and desire to help you to create a wonderful life for you and your loved ones along the way.

These lessons and courses will seem redundant and unfulfilling but what you will discover along the way is that the redundant or repeated messages given to you along with the new along the way is actually designed to trigger or unlock that part of you, your soul, that part of you when you’ve yet to meet.

I don’t make promises I can’t keep but I’m for sure and certain that if you want a new life, change, happiness, joy, and abundance in your life these lessons and course will help pave the way for a new life.

It is a decision and dedication only you can make, these courses are designed to help you see beyond your mind’s thinking and beliefs and why they are there, it also helps you to begin seeing the new person that you always dreamt you become as an adult.

The abundance code is a process, sometimes slow and sometimes fast but rest assured that it will help to transform your life from where you are currently standing right now to where you would like to be in twelve months or on its path.

I’ve said many times that we’re all here for a reason and unlike many others who are joining the ride on earth as passengers my goal is to take you from being an onlooker of life and passenger to a driver of your life where you get to determine what you want, and for how long as you make many pitstops along the beauty we call life.

So this fifth stage is nothing more than a letter to you from the creator of the course letting you know that you haven’t been forgotten, you and your life is very important and your life has meaning even if your doubting yourself or what I’m saying right now, I can assure you that you didn’t come here to be ordinary and die.

You came here to live and to live more abundantly and it is my intention to help this become a reality and my way of extending my hand out to you as a friend and client together we can do really great things in the next twelve months.

I’m not saying that everything will be easy, and every day will be simple, some days you will laugh while other days you may read something that triggers something within you and touch your heart in a profound way.

As I said this is the best gift you could ever give yourself, a gift that keeps on giving even after you’ve finished the course or courses because what you will learn along the way won’t really have much to do with what’s outside you, more or less it will have everything to do with the within which is the most important part.

As the student, you will begin first by looking within yourself and the lessons will do the rest because when your learning and growing it’s important to know and understand what and where you are going and what you are also trying to accomplish as an end result.

The lessons cause you to ask yourself questions and ponder on them while the question is asked, there must be a right answer, no not the one’s logic and training have given you but an answer that will satisfy you and your soul.

An answer that will help shed new light on what’s been bothering you, what has been behind your sleepless nights, and restless feelings from within. The lessons are designed to make you question yourself and the answers you’ve currently been given and once you begin questioning the very answers or solutions you’ve relied on for months even years you will begin to notice the thought or thoughts themselves.

If they are real they will stick around and they will bring you good feelings, and if they aren’t real they will wither and die because no thinking system or negative thoughts can withstand the power of observation and focus on them.

They aren’t there for you to condemn or judge them, moreover, they are there because you put them there by believing and trusting in them to guide your life and world. Now that you will be becoming aware or awakening from the sleep ordinary there will be many new tools given to you to help you relearn what you have lost along the way.

Four courses and over two hundred lessons all designed to transform you and your goals and dreams into a new reality. Whatever choices you make along the way while studying and learning this course will serve you in your life in so many ways that it is beyond y own comprehension to tell you what freedom, joy, laughter, and happiness awaits you.

I can’t even express in words what and how much your life will and can change over the next twelve months if your willing to stay the course, put in the simple work of learning to follow along, let go of your own apprehensions and hang-up’s and allow the force that’s within you, that has always been within you to reveal itself in more ways than one and then watch how abundance and your power bring you back from the dead and light your world with many good things.

So the question you might be asking yourself right now as your reading this is, how does it work and is it right for me and my question to you is are you ready for a change and if you said yes, it’s right for you.

The best way to tell you if this course is for you is this one simple test, if you find yourself feeling good, very good as a result of reading or studying the material. If you find yourself thinking more and more and you begin to feel lighter from within and if you begin to discover some sort of peace or clarity you’ve got your answer.

If you find things, people, money and an improved health feeling, if you receive more and more encouraging news both from within and outside you from strangers or anyone it’s a good sign that you are on the right track.

These and many more signs aren’t accidents, they are confirmations that there’s a shift from within you and your starting to change for the better and as your inner world changes your outer world and life will reflect it in every way.

Now here is my disclaimer for you, and for you only, Study this material alone and in the comfort of your own space. The reason for this is because this is your personal journey for one and second it a way to test these ideas and suggestions to see if they are real and true.

As you begin to study these lessons if you are silent and quiet and study it alone you will find that the answers you’ve been searching for will begin to reveal themselves to you out of nowhere and quickly.

You will also discover by observation things being revealed to you that only your eyes will see, your ears will hear and your heart will feel, once more it’s your inner power awakening to you and making itself known to you and you only because you are ready for it.

Secondly if you tell others what your doing or intentions they will more than likely not understand and shut you and the material down, this often what happens when you share your desire and dreams with others who don’t understand. They will try to convince you otherwise and to stay where it’s safe and be in the end crowd, but your way beyond fitting in, you are now on a journey that will deliver to you everything you want.

If you tell others you risk forfeiting your desires and goals in favor of their opinions and need to agree with what you are doing which almost never happens but for you it might be different but why risk it, we’re talking about your baby, your dreams, goals and future aspirations on the line.

The abundance code will be your very own best-kept secret, it’s sorta like your personal experiment to see if the information taught in this course will work for you in your life, and it will with some time, secrecy and observation.

I’m not telling you to be silent or secretive because I fear it won’t work for you, quite the contrary, I know it will work because it’s worked for many others. What I’m you to do is to keep silent or quiet and go about your life as you normally would and study the course lessons and then pay attention to the thoughts flowing within your mind and the things showing up around you.

You won’t notice these things which are the doorway to change and abundance if you tell others what you are doing because they will interrupt your ability to learn and do the necessary things along the way in this course.

By keeping quiet you give the seeds or new ideas time to take root in your mind and grow and also while you’re uprooting the old weeks or old beliefs which have kept you and your life stagnant.

As you study the material from an inner perspective you will find that these small seeds of just a thought, idea, wish or inspiration will begin growing and it is also when you begin to get certain feelings and inspiration when certain thoughts and ideas enter your mind or heart to act and you follow the thought or ideas and learn that the ideas and desires were correct and led you right.

This is when your inner trust and faith in you begin to grow and as this happens you find yourself spending more and more time listening from within and almost never listening to the advice of outside influences like you once did before the change.

Yes as your growing you will have old thought, beliefs, ideas, and past experiences reveal themselves and yes you and I will be facing them together as a team, but as time moves forward you will find that not only that those past things didn’t kill you but they made you a much stronger person who can handle your own.

As you change more and more people will notice the glow on your face and feel your inner energy and joy when your around them, even still you must keep everything within until the time is right and you’ve grown stronger and matured in your inner power otherwise you risk abandoning it all to go back into the world to fit in, bad new you weren’t designed to fit in, you were designed to live freely and become the powerful creator that you are even if you don’t believe me now.

By keeping it all in you silence the outside critics and you get to tackle those inner negative voices and past pains that held you as a mental and physical slave. When you tackle past views and choices you made in the past you will find that all of it wasn’t your fault and these old messages are the root of your now and past failures and unhappiness.

There’s so much more I want to share with you but now isn’t the time, just know that your life is about to change forever in your ready and I will be taking with you from the inside of the abundance code.

You have a 14-day money-back guarantee on the single courses and for the membership, you will also get a 14 day no questions asked 100 % refund. That is my promise to you.


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