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I'm glad you're here

I've spent over twenty years in the personal development space. Just like you, I spent many years searching for answers to escape the deep feelings of despair and darkness within me. Each day brought with it both fear and uncertainty. My identity lost and my hope very thin. 

Time and wisdom have given me the tools I needed and still used to grow and live a much happier life. With these tools, I want to help transform your life. I want to be a part of your journey and new life. May Finding Peace & Love help you find the peace, happiness, and the love you deserve.

Rodney Hill LLC CEO

My Story

I grew up in a world where much of what I learned or was taught seemed much like a fairytale. Growing up in the country surrounded by family and adventure, a kid is paradise. Life seemed simple and peaceful. Surrounded by family, you gain a sense of being whole and loved as a person. However, as a kid also questioned things. Even then, my path set for the discovery of the truth.

As I grew older and loved ones passed, everything, and everyone, seemed to grow cold. People seemed angrier and uncaring towards one another. This set me on a quest to understanding why. It is this why, which led me on my self-discovery, which took years. The path led to the painful discovery of my existence.

Later, learning about my existence and life was all a lie, to cover up the countless secrets hidden inside the community and its people. Unable to cope with what I'd discovered, I spent years searching for ways of coping with the news. Much of which I denied. I refused to accept this now reality. So, I ran away. Many times, only to end back in the same place I wanted to escape.

In the following years, I suffered within, keeping it all inside. Many years of suffering through painful memories, guilt, shame, and abuse. Everything I touched failed. everything I tried to gain a sense of identity and peace became illusions. Only time and pain made me face the truth. Darkness covered me and placed before me a cup of shame, guilt, abuse. The things I wanted nothing to do with in my life. It brought to a place of acceptance, peace, and love.

The Problem

We try functioning as regular human-beings. We follow the instructions of those we trust and love, and we look to finding happiness and love in the eyes of others. We face inner pain, and shame in their presence and we force it down in the depths of our soul. Through time and repeated disappointments, we become hard on the outside and empty on the inside.

This system of mental manipulation becomes a thorn and a hindrance in the future. We become people pleasers and shells of a person. The past, and its pain, never let go of the constant grip of its existence in our world. No matter how hard we try, we fail. Regardless of our job status or education level, there's inner tension.

Each moment of inner anguish seems like an eternity. We become fighters with the darkness and hurt within. We also become fighters with those people around us. Attitudes and rebellion become the norm. We are fighting and running at the same time.

Something or someone is chasing us, and we might know who or what it is, and choose to ignore it or may not. The pain, shame, and guilt have left a permanent scar on our bodies, minds, heart, and souls. There's only one way to peace, freedom, and love. Back through the door in which we've come. We must stop and face what we've dreaded for so long.

The Solution

Facing such a huge undertaking is never easy. It requires time, patience, and self-love. The self-love usually grows out of forgiveness, but not the forgiving of those who hurt you, that may or may not come later. The love grows out of forgiving yourself first. This is the first step of being set free of the darkness and past.

This step takes the longest and the most painful because we spend most of our lives condemning ourselves for something we couldn't control. This step is where understanding, clarity, and certainty come together as wisdom. Wisdom closes the open wounds of the past, and time heals it.

The solution lies not in the pain itself. It occurs when we can look at the pain, shame, guilt, and abuse and realize it happened. In recognizing this, a shift occurs, and understanding steps in. We realize that what we suffered had nothing to do with us as a person. We aren't at fault for what happened.

We realize it happened because the person who did such acts is really the person who is tormented the most. They're unable to escape the madness within themselves. They are in denial, and their minds won't allow them to deal with such truths.

Although, still painful, we come into knowing the pain they pushed on us is only remnants of the world they constantly live. When we've come to a place where we can look at the shame, guilt, abuse, and not fear it, we're heading towards peace and wholeness. There's so much more I wish to share with you if you're ready to heal and discover peace and genuine love for the first time.

Please Follow the Next Steps

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The path to change and happiness can't be achieved alone. It requires time, patience, and a support group. I will be your friend and support along your journey towards peace and love. The Free Course will help you understand what's to come. (Disclaimer) This course doesn't replace the need of professional help. It does help you along your journey.

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Take A Deep Breath & Relax

There's so much to take in, and our minds can easily get overwhelmed and confused. Take your time and approach each step or lesson at your own pace. It's a journey, and it deserves care and nurturing along the way. 

Don't rush or force things to happen on your time because it won't. You will feel frustrated and disappointed and give up. Speed kills progress, and throws you back towards more suffering. Slow, and easy is the best way to achieve the results you want out of the course.

For any questions, my email is available: rodney@rodneyhill.com Please allow up to 24 hrs. For a response.

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