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Discover in my Free Course, what's keeping you back from Experiencing Peace, Joy & Love.

Love is the rock on which humanity exists, yet its meaning and its presence often elude so many of us. Why? Because our past has blinded us from knowing its call. Love is there, calling out into the streets with a loud voice for anyone who can hear it. This course will give you the tools to hear its call and understand what genuine love looks and feels like personally. 

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Here’s what people are saying about this course:

Christian Doe


"I spent all my life trying to understand the meaning of love."

After studying Finding Peace & Love course, I finally found peace in my heart. This course offered tools and insight that profoundly changed the way I see myself and the world. 

Barbara Lane

Art Director

"My family, taught me that love revolved around achievements and material things."

I always feel a void or numbness within that never seemed to go away until I started Rodney's Finding Peace $ Love Course. Suddenly, I began understanding that love is a journey in loving yourself.

Marie Jones

Marketing Specialist

"I thought love revolved around self-sacrifice, giving,  and putting other first."

In a world that constantly encourages you to give, give, and give. It's nice to realize that true love requires a new type of giving.

It requires you to love yourself first. Finding Peace & Love Course set me on a new path towards the life I'd always envisioned for myself.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in Finding Peace & Love!

When searching for answers to one's life problems, everyone seems to think that exterior solutions are the key. Often people discover that those outer solutions are temporary and only mask the deeper issues at hand. 

No problem (s) can be resolved until we turn our focus inward. We can only find lasting peace, joy, and love by taking a personal journey where the root of the issue (s) lies. Lasting, peace, joy, and love requires one thing. Following the call of the truth which lives within us. There are tools available to help you live a better life. Dare to live your truths!

Finding Peace

The way we realize that's something within us isn't right is, we find ourselves stressed, depressed, acute anxiety, fear, and filled with loneliness.

These feelings are just below the surface of our outer appearance. However, they all unconsciously dominate our every move and life.

Discovering Joy

In Living in the world of joy is a byproduct of understanding who we are, not our name, occupation, or material things we own.

Discovering joy is a process where we dare to pull back the curtains of the past and learn from these deep and often painful experiences.

Experiencing Love

When we've decided that we are sick and tired of living two conflicting lives and want out, Love answers and begins sending the clues and tools needed for such a new life.


Finding Peace & Love Course is one of those tools designed to help you navigate your new path and life.

About the Author

I am proud to be a part of your journey and new life. Just like you, I spent many years searching for answers to escape the deep feelings of despair and darkness within me. Each day brought with it both fear, and uncertainty. My identity lost, and hope very thin. Time, and wisdom have given me the tools I needed and still use today to grow and live a much happier life. May Finding Peace & Love help you find the peace, happiness and the love you deserve.

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